novate and save, save, save
charge your vehicle at home or on the road and forget about searching for the cheapest fuel ever again.


and save, save, save!

* Savings are calculated using a $85,000 salary, 2600 postcode, 5-year lease & driving 10,000Km annually. While InsideEDGE makes every effort to provide accurate and complete information, InsideEDGE makes no express or implied representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided and will not be liable to you or your employer, in any respect. Salary Packaging may affect other factors including but not limited to Medicare Levy Surcharge, HECS, Child Maintenance liabilities, or any Low Income Tax Office (LITO) that may be applicable. InsideEDGE recommends that you obtain your own independent advice when considering salary packaging. Prices are valid 01/06/2023 and are subject to change as dictated by the manufacturer. 

These deals are available as of 1st June 2023 and may be pulled or changed at any time by the individual manufacturers, which we have no control over.

All descriptions of vehicles contained within this page have been taken directly from each manufacturing website and do not represent individual personal experience or company endorsement.

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