Selling your car. InsideEDGE's car selling service takes the headache out of selling your car.

Selling your car.

InsideEDGE’s car selling service takes the headache out of selling your car. We work with our dealer network to get you the best price possible on your car or trade-in and look after the paperwork for you. All you need to do is enjoy your weekends without tyre kickers at your door!


Using our car selling service can be more convenient than selling a car on your own. Our service handles much of the work involved in selling a car such as marketing, negotiating with buyers, and handling paperwork. Not to mention the potential danger of having strangers come to your home or place of work to test drive your car.

Save time

Selling a car can take time, especially if you are doing it yourself. By utilising our car selling service you can save the time that you would have spent listing your car for sale, responding to inquiries, and giving up your nights and weekends to show the car to potential buyers.


If you’re looking to trade-in your current vehicle to offset the cost of a new car, we can work with our dealer network to get you a better stand-alone price. Some dealers will offer a higher trade-in value, only to up the costs of your new vehicle leaving you worse off. 

Relax, we got this

We know the automotive industry, and we use this knowledge to help you get the best possible price for your car, with no stress.

Did you know you can also...

Novate a car for family

You can novate multiple new or used cars for your immediate family members, and they can access the same convenience and savings you have. The additional vehicles would be leased under your name and the payments deducted from your salary subject to your employer's novated lease policy.

Novate a used car

You can absolutely novate a used car, as long as it is no older than 12 years at the end of your lease. You can source your own car or let us know what you are after, and we can do the wheeling and dealing for you. A used car is a great option and still allows you to enjoy the same savings and convenience you would get with a new car.

Novate your current car

If you’re wondering if you can novate your existing car, the answer is YES – it’s called a sale & leaseback. We'll finance your car back to you via a novated lease and you receive the tax savings & convenience it brings with it.

For more information on any of the above options, you know what to do.

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