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2018 Skoda Superb Sportline 206 Wagon Review

Well you can say that again…. ‘Superb’, is exactly what…
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The widespread effect FBT changes will have on your company cars

If you are one of the many proud Australian employers currently…
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How this large Australian retailer remarkably transformed its fleet

Find out how this large Australian retailer avoided a costly…
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Leadership in the Modern Workplace

An interview between Inside Edge's Director and BMW's General Sales Manager. Get their insights on agile thinking, tailored management and industry disruptors.

2018 BMW M2 Coupe Review

By Bradley Davidson Don’t let the ‘small car’ appearance…

How will AASB 16 affect you?

One person who knows AASB16 back to front is Brad Davidson, Corporate Sales Manager at Inside Edge. Check out his short video below to discover how this change will affect you, and one key way you can avoid these unnecessary headaches.

Changes to car lease accounting standards - are you ready for AASB 16?

Are you currently leasing a fleet of company cars? Until recently, Operating Leases were a popular and effective option for a company to operate a fleet of cars. Not anymore! Like a trusty old ute whose time has come, Operating Leases...

Driving more with less the goal in fleet management

This year the focus for fleet managers will be on using new technology and data to gain fleet efficiencies. Whereas last year mobility was the key theme, this year's Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia's fleet conference (IPWEA)…