Who we’ve helped with a Novated Lease car program

Our novated lease clients

Australian Companies – Employers

Our clients represent a wide range of industries from retail to transport logistics, professional services to IT,  as well as infrastructure companies. We deliver services to public and private companies as well as not-for-profit organisations.

INSIDE EDGE works best for any employer with 50 or more employees, looking to improve the financial well-being and lifestyle of its employees.

Before coming to us, most INSIDE EDGE clients have had novated lease programs with other providers that have failed to deliver the benefits effectively to employees.

In addition, INSIDE EDGE also helps companies that historically provided traditional company cars to employees. Through careful planning and a detailed understanding of all associated circumstances, INSIDE EDGE successfully delivers novated lease car alternative that achieves all objectives with no unintended consequences. Everyone is happy!

Australian Employees

Many of our clients have had many novated leases, including many of who have their partner’s and children’s cars under a novated lease, as well. Yes, you can have more than one at any one time!

This as a result of their clear understanding as to the benefits available with a novated lease car.

However, everyone has to have their first novated lease and most of our novated lease clients are first-timers, even though they may have had the opportunity to take on a novated lease with previous providers for many years. What changed for these clients?

They received the right information, delivered in the right way!

At INSIDE EDGE, we take the time to answer all your questions and explain the concepts so important to providing the benefits available. Using real circumstances and real-time pricing, we take care to ensure the information we provide is relevant to each employee’s circumstances. This approach educates and empowers employees to make a smart decision that improves their lifestyle and financial well-being.

Call a novated lease specialist today, it’s smart to ask!