Fleet driver guide.

Important information about your company car.

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Below you will find everything you need to look after your company car. Follow this guide to keep your car fully serviced, and safe at all times.

  • Fuel cards
  • Maintenance authorisation
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Accident management
  • Registration and CTP
  • eTags

Fuel cards

You will receive your fuel card(s) in the mail, please allow up to
three weeks post-settlement. If you do not receive them within this
time frame, please call us on 1300 551 987.

Use your fuel card when you fill up to ensure the costs
are charged to your employer, avoiding you having to pay and submit a reimbursement claim. In line with company policies you’ll be asked for an odometer reading with each purchase.

To comply with the Australian Tax Office and your employer’s requirements,
your card(s) will only pay for the type of fuel your car uses.

Keep them safe, and treat them as you would any other credit card.
If lost or stolen, please call us immediately on 1300 551 987.

Maintenance authorisation

Before proceeding with any servicing or maintenance, tyres, or windscreen work on your car, make sure the service provider calls the Smartfleet program first on 1300 780 097 for authorisation.

This ensures:
– The costs are charged to your employer and not incurred by the driver

– The work is genuinely required and approved by your employer

– Only manufacturer-recommended and company authorised tyres are fitted to your car

Servicing and maintenance

Please service your car according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and at an authorised service outlet only.

–  Any damage to your windscreen should be inspected as soon as safely possible, and then repaired or replaced. Authorised windscreen repairers are Novus Windscreens, O’Brien Glass and National Windscreens.

–  To maintain safety on the road, it’s important to replace your tyres following your car manufacturer’s recommendations.
We recommend checking for signs of wear, and your tyre pressure in line with your company policy.

Accident management

In the unfortunate event of an accident, please ensure it is safe to exit your vehicle before doing so. Check to see if anyone is injured and call  emergency services if required.

If there is another vehicle involved please note the following details:
– Vehicle make/model
– Vehicle registration number
– State of registration
– Other driver’s name and address
– Other driver’s license details
– Where and when did the accident happen
– Brief description of the accident
– Photos or a diagram of the accident

Please then contact InsideEDGE on 1300 551 987 as soon as possible to find out the next steps.

Registration and CTP

If you receive the renewal notice by mistake please forward it to fleet@iedge.com.au. If you have not received confirmation that your vehicle is currently registered, please email fleet@iedge.com.au immediately. If you have any further questions, please call us on

Roadside Assistance

Most new vehicles are covered by the manufacturer’s Roadside Assistance program.

Please refer to your vehicle’s owners manual for information on your roadside program. If you’re a member of the InsideEDGE Roadside Assistance program, please call 1300 388 044 and quote your registration number.

If you’re unsure of your membership, or would like to join our Roadside Assistance program, please email fleet@iedge.com.au or call 1300 551 987 to discuss your options.

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