EV driver guide.

Important information about your electric vehicle.

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A novated lease means you’re going to save thousands on your EV, but to make the most of the tax savings, ensure you follow the guide when it comes to:

  • Charging on the road
  • Charging at home
  • Servicing & maintenance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Registration and CTP
  • Roadside Assistance
  • End of lease options

Charging on the road

There are a number of independent EV charging solutions for you to access. Firstly, search your local area for the charging points or download the plugShare app here.

Create your account with the independent provider and follow their instructions for charging. Once you have finished charging, a tax invoice will be sent to your email address, which can be uploaded to your Steer portal for reimbursement.

#When you upload your reimbursement, please always include your tax invoice as you will not receive the GST benefit without it.

Charging at home

Currently, the ATO does not allow the reimbursement of charging your electric vehicle via a home charger, this is considered a convenience for the user.

InsideEDGE constantly monitor any changes to legislation and will pass on relevant information and changes as they happen.

Servicing your EV

Please service your EV according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and at an authorised service outlet only. Interim services are not included in your lease budget.
Reimbursements can be lodged via your Steer portal: iedge.com.au


Any damage to your windscreen should be inspected and then repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Windscreens are often covered by comprehensive insurance, so please check your policy before contacting a windscreen repairer or your car’s service provider.


To maintain safety on the road, it’s important to replace your tyres in line with your car manufacturer’s recommendations. We also recommend checking for signs of wear, and your tyre pressure on a monthly basis too.

Comprehensive Insurance

Renewing your comprehensive insurance every year is essential, and can be done in the following ways.

If your insurance is arranged by us:
– You don’t need to do anything, we’ll take care of it for you

If you organise your own insurance:
– Pay the premium when your insurance company
sends it to you
– Process a reimbursement through the Steer portal

If you have any questions, please call us on 1300 551 987.

At the end of your lease

We’ll be in touch to discuss your options closer to the time, however your
choices are listed below.

Keep your car – If you’re loving your car, we can set up another novated lease
for a suitable period of time.

Get a new car – Or, you can trade it in for a new one. If the price you get for your existing car is more than the residual, you’ll get to keep the difference – tax free. Then we’ll help you set up a new novated lease on your brand new car.

Buy your car outright – Pay-out the remaining finance and own the car outright.
We’ll reconcile the account by looking at what’s been deducted from your salary,
comparing it against costs incurred. Any surplus will be returned to you, and any
shortfall will need to be paid to close the account.

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