Novated lease information for employees.

Novated lease information for Employees.

A novated lease is an easy and cost-effective way to own and run your car as it lets you use pre-tax dollars to pay for the new or used car of your choice. 

First step is to check with your current employer to see if they offer a novated lease program. If not, let us know and we’ll contact them to get the ball rolling. Once the program is in place, you decide on the car you want, we source it, you test drive it, we do all the paperwork and running around, and can even deliver your car to you! No salesman, no pressure, no up-selling, just inside knowledge experts on your side working to get you the car you want, for less.

Tax savings

Your Novated Lease comes out of your pre-tax income, allowing you to:

  • Reduce your income tax (PAYG)
  • Remove your FBT liability
  • Save on GST for purchases and running costs
  • Any profit at the end of the lease is tax free

On-going savings

In addition to the tax savings, your InsideEDGE Novated Lease allows you to enjoy ongoing savings through:

  • Fuel discounts
  • Fleet prices for servicing and maintenance
  • Access to manufacturer’s corporate programs (where applicable)
  • Discounts on running costs

Time savings

A Novated Lease is created to make car ownership more convenient by:
  • InsideEDGE handling all the negotiations for you
  • Allowing for all car costs to be included in payroll deductions
  • Servicing, Registration, Insurance, and other costs are managed by InsideEDGE
  • Eliminating the complexity of selling your car or trading it in
  • Providing ongoing advice

Let's talk convenience...

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Novated Leasing can be complicated, but we're here to make the complex simple.

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You're not the only one with questions, visit our FAQ section, or just give us a call!
Did you know...
You no longer need to travel a minimum amount of kilometers with a novated lease.
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