Could you do with some extra cash right now?

I feel my shoulders and stomach tense as I see the numbers on the screen…a nervous sweat quickly springs on my brow and my hands start to quiver. I reach for my wallet and begin clumsily fumbling my way through the cards hoping I have one – just one – with enough money to pay for the things I need. It’s only my weekly shop, but how much longer can I actually afford to keep food on my table right now?

Sound like a familiar thought or feeling? Thousands of us are faced with this same fear daily at the moment and we’re all searching for ways to bring some extra cash in to the equation to help us get by. We’ve resorted to selling what we can and trading with neighbours – whilst still social distancing of course – to try to stretch every last drop from our current resources.

I read an article yesterday that recognised our cars as being a necessity in our households, particularly those in our outer city suburbs and beyond – we simply need them to fulfill our many obligations and earn a living – especially amongst the uncertainty of “how long will this last” and “what will it look like when we return to (what we once called) normal?”

Public Transport is simply not always convenient or accessible, nor is it always ‘Social Distancing’ friendly and its increasing the need for us to use our cars on a daily basis.

So here’s a thought for you: what’s happening with my car?

Do you own it? Is it under finance? I wonder if there’s a way you could free up some cash with your car… Intrigued?

Whether you own your car outright, or whether it’s under finance – it’s still a monthly expense – could there be some equity in your car? It could literally pay you to look at some ideas that mean your car could be turned in to a cash injection – directly in to your bank account right now without waving it goodbye.

How does this work? What do I need to do? What does it mean for me? … All very good questions!

INSIDE EDGE are specialists in creating avenues allowing you to use the equity you have in your car, giving you the ability to enjoy the benefit of cash in your account when you need it… There could even be some other benefits along the way…

If you’d like to know more, please contact me on 0431 050 644 or via email:

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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