buying a new car

What’s the ‘normal’ way to buy a car?

The time’s come to buy your new car. You stroll into the dealership and see it before you. Shiny, new, larger than life. The dealer hands you the keys and you slide onto the leather seats – the door shuts solidly, but quiet as a whisper.

You pull out of the dealership, windows down, your favourite song playing and drive away, on to your next adventure…

If this sounds like a scene that’s too good to be true, that’s because it often is. Buying a car is all too rarely the picture-perfect experience you see in ads on TV. In reality, it’s often much more time consuming, frustrating, and expensive than you plan.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

  • You need a new car, but the cost seems overwhelming
  • There’s a gap between the car you want and the car you can afford
  • You’re dedicated to making a smart decision, but you just don’t have time for all the research involved
  • Talking to car salespeople is the last thing you want to spend your weekend doing

It can be an arduous process. And the financial and time commitment doesn’t even stop once the car is purchased!

  • Fuel prices fluctuate widely week to week
  • Rego and insurance bills always seeming to arrive at the same time
  • You dread your servicing because you never really know if your mechanic is ripping you off or not

Seldom is it simple or stress free. But is this really the ‘normal’ experience you have to put up with?

There’s nothing normal about normal

The best way to buy a car might not be the first one you think of. But you won’t know until you really question your own needs, wants, and limitations:

  • What can you afford?
  • What type of car do you want (or need)?
  • What will you be using it for most?
  • What’s more important, the cost or getting what you want?
  • Are your car needs or financial position likely to change?

By considering each of these things, you’ll be in a better position to decide which car to buy, and how to buy it.

A small change in perspective can make a big difference

The ‘normal’ way to buy a car shouldn’t be ‘what everyone else is doing’. It should mean you have the car you want, you can afford, and that you enjoy.

This means weighing up the pros and cons of all buying options (not just the ones that seem easy or ‘normal’) and settling on the one that’s best for you.


NL comparison

It pays – literally – to look into each of the options. And what is the benefit of finding your ‘normal’?

You slip into your new car. You’ve done the work and know you’ve made the right choice. You don’t have to worry about finances – you’ve got the best deal and you can more than afford it. And better still, you like it. You can now get to all the places you need to go – in comfort, and in style.

You pull out of the dealership, windows down, your favourite song playing and drive away, on to your next adventure…

Learn more about your options

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