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What the colour of your car says about you!

Have you ever found yourself being drawn to a particular coloured car? Turns out the colour choice of your car can be an extension of your personality. In fact, many of us give the world a little glimpse into who we are without realising it when we choose the colour we want in a car.


We look at some of the most popular car colurs below to see what they reveal about their owner's personalities.

Red - You're wild and driven

A sleek, shiny car with a nice cherry coating lets the world know that you take risks. Don’t be surprised if other cars change lanes when they see you coming up behind them on the freeway when you’re zooming in red. Your red ride simply lets them know that you’ve got a taste for danger and speed.

However, a red car sends more than just a message about your potential driving habits. It also says that you like to take risks in life because you love rewards. Many people associate red cars with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and highly competitive people. Your extroverted personality loves the fact that heads turn when you hit the breaks on your red car at stoplights.

Black - You're all class

If you prefer a black car, there’s a good chance that you have a reputation for handling situations with class and elegance. While your personality might be described as powerful, you’re far from being an “overpowering” person. You are instead quietly confident in a way that commands attention and respect.

If you love a black car, your choice of car color probably also represents your wardrobe. There’s a good chance that you prefer simple black clothing over loud, trendy looks. What’s more, you’re generally not someone who is influenced by trends at all.

Silver - You're innovative

If silver catches your eye, you love the idea of driving toward innovation. Owners of silver cars tend to be fearless without being reckless. They enjoy modern takes on classic looks. While you enjoy the timelessness of grey, your innovative side pushes you to choose a beautiful metallic finish instead.

There’s a good chance that you’re always an early adapter when it comes to the latest gadgets. However, you’re still known to play it safe by doing your research before you jump into anything. Overall, you’re an optimist who appreciates innovation and beauty.

Yellow - You're sunshine in a bottle

If you drive a yellow car, your reputation for having a sunny demeanor precedes you. You are a joyful, friendly person who loves the idea of making people smile when they see a yellow car bumping along.

You also don’t mind going out of your way to find a yellow car. This shows that you’re a very intentional, patient person.

In addition to your great sense of humor, you also possess a gift for starting conversations that make people feel valued and appreciated.

Blue - You're friendly, happy and optimistic

If you nothing makes you happier than getting behind the steering wheel of a blue beauty, you’re a friendly, content person looking to “seize the day” every day. People who like blue cars enjoy bringing a touch of brightness to the road. They are generally friendly, outgoing and optimistic. They also tend to be very compassionate and connected.

While you share a love of color with people who prefer red cars, you actually couldn’t be more different. You shun competitiveness in favor of collaboration. You also generally feel so peaceful and serene that the idea of racing around in a red vehicle simply doesn’t appeal to you.

What the colour of your car says about you

Orange - You're unique and creative

If orange gets your engine revving, you’re a true artist at heart. You simply can’t stand the idea of having the same boring color as everyone else on the road. You love the idea of having the only car of its kind when you whip out your key fob in a crowded parking lot.

Your drive to be unique also reveals your complexity. You may often find yourself getting lost in your own head with analyzing scenarios and complex ideas. As a result, you can appear overly conscientious and “aloof” to people who don’t know you that well.

Grey - You're comfortably cautious

It’s not an insult to say that people who choose grey cars prefer to keep things bland. You’re more than happy to compromise for a car color that’s not exactly inspiring for the sake of getting a good deal when you drive off the lot.

As someone who keeps to yourself, you prefer not to have head turns when you drive by. You appreciate the fact that your grey car keeps you a bit unnoticed and anonymous. You may be at a point in life where you’re “over” making big statements using external objects because you’re simply at peace with who you are.

White - You're a perfectionist

If your car is white, you likely live an existence of having everything in its place. You love things that convey freshness and simplicity. You also have the natural discipline to keep everything neat, organized and in its place.

Your attention to detail may drive some people around you crazy because it seems like you can “never be satisfied.” However, you actually get a lot of satisfaction from the pursuit of perfection.

Pink - Calming and romantic

Last but not least, Pink!

The color pink is calming and romantic, but it also inspires confidence in those who wear it and drive in it.

Pink gives you the feeling of calmness, safety, and security, which are all things you want to feel in a car, and in your general life. You’re content thoughtful of others and a trend setter. 


What the colour of your car says about you

Based on article by Jacob Olesen & EverWash

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