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2018 Skoda Superb Sportline 206 Wagon Review

Well you can say that again…. ‘Superb’, is exactly what came to mind just a few moments into driving this feature packed wagon by Skoda.

Knowing it previously held the DRIVE Best Family Car of the Year award in both 2016 & 2017 I had high expectations upfront.

The complete package

Simply put, Skoda have thought of everything you could want or think you may want and packaged it up into this vehicle.

It was an absolute pleasure to test drive and review the 2018 Skoda Superb Sportline 206 Wagon. I was impressed from the moment I pressed ‘unlock’ on the remote.

The Bi-Zenon headlights and LED running lights are spectacular. Combine this with bright white puddle lights to ensures the car is illuminated from every angle as you approach your vehicle.

Alcantara leather sport seats keep you in place along with the fully electric driver seat, which memorises 3 separate positions including external mirrors. I must admit to being a massive fan of heated and ventilated seats, so I was very pleased to find these functions and impressed to see it fitted in the front and rear.

One of the first things I noticed after settling into the cabin was the amount of free space I had, with loads of foot room and head space available I suddenly didn’t feel as tall as I once did.

The drive

After giving the engine stop/start button a hit, you just know the Superb is an all-round solid built car. Yes, it is quiet, but the tone suggests that this one does have a temper and being true to myself, I had to poke the bear.

I thoroughly enjoyed every second behind the wheel of this 206Kw all-wheel drive beast. The suspension is perfect, in that it’s not too soft nor to hard.

Safety first

I had all the confidence in the world to pile the kiddies in the rear. The safety and technology that has been put into this car, for lack of a better word — incredible.

To mention a few that I really valued being a (young-ish) father of two little ones: the nine airbags, rear traffic alert and front assist. The rear traffic alert and front assist is magnificent — as I reversed, the car automatically recognised approaching cars from the sides and rear, it then alerted me by sound, and if required would automatically brake for me too. It did the same whilst driving for front on obstacles — amazing!

Adaptive cruise is an additional feature in the Skoda Superb that was a big winner for me. With many more safety features jam packed into this vehicle, along with the technology, Skoda make sure families are looked after and protected as well as they can be on the roads.

Designed to entertain

The entertainment system overall is as impressive and easy to use as the rest of the car. The 12 speaker Canton sound system certainly has some thump, in particular the factory inbuilt sub-woofer. I also loved the SmartLink between my mobile and the system which brought up my home screen apps on screen – very cool and super useful.

The wrap

All in all, my take is the Skoda Superb doesn’t get the airtime or respect that it should. It produces the most bang for your buck when comparing other station wagons on the market as it’s absolutely loaded with features, technology and safety — not to mention relentless power when you want it.

The Skoda Superb Sportline Wagon holds an RRP $61,690 but with a Novated lease you could save approximately $5,600.


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Bradley Davidson
Manager – Corporate Sales

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